How to buy honey mushroom online. In 1996 samples of suspicious honey preparations were confiscate at the Dutch-German border. The labels on the 50 ml jars indicated that the honey contained Stropharia cubensis (better known as Psilocybe cubensis). The jars were fill with honey with a ca. 1 cm layer of fine particles on the top. The particles were collect and subject to microscopic and chemical analysis. By microscopy mushroom tissue (plectenchym) and spores typical for the genus Psilocybe were identify in all samples.

The HPLC analysis with atmospheric pressure mass spectrometry and diode array detection reveale psilocine but psilocybine was not found. The quantitative analysis was very difficult due to the matrix problems. A search showed that the honey with Psilocybe can be purchase in Dutch coffee shops without any limitations although psilocine and psilocybine belong to listed substances according to Dutch law. How to buy honey mushroom online in order to feel the best experience you can order some right, here so tha you can enjoy.

Of all psychedelics, magic mushrooms offer the widest variety in terms of how they can be take’n. You can munch them down as quickly as possible, make them into a lemony mess to blow your mind, and brew a gentle tea and sip to your heart’s content. Or, if you like things sweet, you can make blue honey, which looks and tastes amazing.

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