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Where to buy mushrooms Texas. Buying magic mushrooms So far, the majority of the evidence that psilocybin microdosing offers benefits — increasing creativity, less anxiety, decreased need for caffeine and reduced depression — has being anecdotal. But researchers are starting to get curious. In other public health news: melanoma, air pollution, gym class, hearing, and concussions. In order to know this, we have to google

Where to buy magic mushrooms Texas. Microdosing involves taking roughly one-tenth the “trip” dose of a psychedelic drug, an amount too little to trigger hallucinations but enough, its proponents say, to sharpen the mind. Psilocybin microdosers (including hundreds on Reddit) report that the mushrooms can increase creativity, calm anxiety, decrease the need for caffeine, and reduce depression. There is enough evidence that trip doses might have the latter effect that, on Wednesday, London-base Compass Pathways received Food and Drug Administration approval for a Phase 2B clinical trial of psilocybin (in larger-than-microdoses) for treatment-resistant depression. But research into microdosing is minimal. (Begley, 8/23)

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A new study offers a glint of hope to people in a desperate situation. Patients with melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, that has spread to the brain.

A combination of two drugs that activate the immune system. Shrank brain tumors in many melanoma patients and prolonged life. In a study of 94 people at 28 medical centers in the United States. The drugs were ipilimumab (brand name Yervoy) and nivolumab (Opdivo), and they belong to a class called checkpoint inhibitors. (Grady, 8/22). In order to know more about this.


Air pollution is shaving months. And in some cases more than a year — off your life expectancy, depending on where you live. According to a study published Wednesday. Worldwide, outdoor air pollution reduces the average life expectancy at birth by one year. In order to know more about this.

The effect is much more pronounced in some countries. It cuts the average Egyptian’s life span by 1.9 years and the average Indian’s by 1.5 years. In Russia, it’s around nine months. (Sengupta, 8/22)

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